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Boys & Girls Learn Differently, Online Book Club: Chapter 1


Are you reading Boys and Girls Learn Differently! A Guide for Teachers and Parents by Michael Gurian? If so, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on Chapter one. Please leave a comment or question below.

First, a brief one-sentence synopsis of what this books is about:

Once parents and teachers understand how male and female brains develop differently, they are better able to educate children.

Chapter one opens with a discussion of MRI and PET scan research. There is a big chart showing every last part of the brain and how it often develops and reacts differently in boys and girls. This has profound implications in real life.

For example, research shows that girls often process emotions quicker than boys. If you and your daughter get in a fight over breakfast, she will probably have processed her emotions by the time she is at school and supposed to learn.

But for your son it’s different. After an argument at the breakfast table, his brain might stay flooded with emotions that he’s unable to process for a few hours. When he gets to school, the limbic system is the middle of his brain might still have heavy blood flow. His emotions could literally shut down the top part of his brain used for higher order content thinking–like math.  (Summarized from pages 19 and 31)

Let’s take this a step further. What if something happens to your son at school or on the bus that causes him to have an emotional response that he can’t process? By the time he walks through the front door, he’s already emotionally fragile. You, the parent, have no idea. You ask him to clean out his lunch box and he flips out.

Is that a reaction to Mom asking a simple request or is it a response to something that happened an hour ago at recess?

Hmmmmm… This parenting thing is tricky business!

What are your thoughts on Chapter one?


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