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Normally I’m anti-workbook, but…


I just ordered another round of Critical Thinking Company books through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

This one is really fun.

This one is really fun.

These books are hard to recreate through hands-on activities. I’ve tried, but it’s a lot of work. Here’s an example of the skills covered:

One of these things can't fly.

One of these things can’t fly.

So yes, I’ve opted to go for the workbooks. A couple of pages a week while waiting for a sibling to do [fill in the blank]: guitar, ballet, swimming lessons, Cub Scouts, etc., can’t hurt. I keep the books in the car and use them to fill dead time with something meaningful.

This time for Jenna(4.5) I ordered the following:

Mind Benders Verbal Item # 01302BBP $9.99 1 $9.99
Mind Benders Book 2 Item # 01330BBP $9.99 1 $9.99
Math Analogies Beginning Item # 08501BBP $11.99 1 $11.99

Those should last Jenna the rest of the year. Hopefully they’ll also provide some practice for when she takes the CogAT in winter, a test our district uses to screen for the Highly Capable program.

But if workbooks aren’t your thing, you can always be creative! Here’s another one, just for fun:

Three of these things are symbols of weather.  One isn't.

Three of these things are symbols of weather. One isn’t.


  1. Jeanette says:

    Just curious… which others have you tried and liked?

    • It depends on what you want out of them. My favorite is the “Can you find me?” book. Mind Benders is also fun as an activity, but isn’t necessarily going to prepare kids for anything they would do in school (except for maybe one day of math in fourth grade).

      We got our three new books in the mail last week and I’ll be reviewing them soon.

      • Jeanette says:

        Thanks! Looking forward to the review!

        It’s funny that you mentioned that the Mind Benders wouldn’t necessarily prepare kids for anything they’d do in school. As someone who did quite a few logic puzzles for fun growing up (yes, I’m a nerd :P), I can see why you’d say that. On the other hand, I think some of the skills I learned doing them translated quite well to my college biology classes & PhD work. That might sound a little strange, but a lot of experimental biology is trying to interpret the results of your experiment or planning out your experiment using logic! So, you never know 🙂

  2. Very true. Logic helps you with LOTS of stuff.

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