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Like Moonlight at Low Tide

Is there a troubled teen in your life? If so, here’s the book for you. Like Moonlight at Low Tide: Sometimes the Current Is the Only Thing That Saves You, by Nicole Quigley, is a stunning debut novel that tackles hard questions; underage drinking, bullying, social media, and suicide.

When Missy Keiser moves back to her Florida hometown, she’s worried her ugly nickname “Messy” will resurface and that she’ll once again be a social pariah. Instead, new-found popularity becomes her salvation– and her undoing.

This book is published by Zondervan, so there is a Christian element to it. But that part doesn’t come until the very end, when non-Christian readers would be so hooked that they would stick with it. Meaning, you could give this book to a teenage girl who wasn’t interested in church, and she’d still read and enjoy it.

Some books are like roller-coasters. They take you up, down, happy, sad, and pull you along for the ride. Like Moonlight at Low Tide is more like a long buildup into a giant swell at the end. The first half is very dark, but it get’s more hopeful as the plot moves along.

P.S. I received a free copy of this book from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest opinions and review.

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