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A Talent for Trouble, by Jen Turano

I just finished up the frothy and highly entertaining historical romance A Talent for Trouble, by Jen Turano. Like it’s predecessor, A Most Peculiar Circumstance, this book follows the adventures of a twentyish socialite living in turn-of-the century New York. This time it’s Felicia Murdock who gets entangled with a former opium trafficker.

I think both books are really fun, tame reading for high school girls on up. I appreciate the message of female empowerment that Jen Turano so skillfully captures.

I do still have a nagging wish that the books were more historically accurate. In A Talent for Trouble, the heroine Felicia Murdock does a lot of things that would get her kicked out of high society faster than you could say “The Age of Innocence”. But I did like the plotline surrounding the opium trade.

I would LOVE for Jen Turano to include some tidbits of the historical research she did to write her books on her website Jen Turano.com. That would make my day!

P.S. I got a free copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest opinions and review.

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  1. jamielynne82 says:

    I’m excited to continue this series – they crack my up! Thanks for the ping back 🙂

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