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Chasing Hope, by Kathryn Cushman

This past week I read a book which I absolutely love called Chasing Hope by Kathryn Cushman.  It’s a very clean read for teens or adults, and one that would make for a great mother-daughter book club from church.

The hook is:  After being diagnosed with a debilitating illness, college senior Sabrina thinks her competitive running days are over.  Then Sabrina meets Brandy, a running prodigy with a troubled past who really needs help.

Okay, now I’m totally veering away from a normal book review here, but the debilitating illness Sabrina has is something that my cousin-in-laws deals with.  I don’t want to name it, because that would be a spoiler.

But my cousin-in-law has been tremendously helped by sticking to a vegan diet.  He’s even been able to go off of a lot of his meds! There are even research studies proving that  veganism helps this particular disease.

So when I was reading “Chasing Hope” and came across scenes where Sabrina was eating pizza, I kept wanting to shake the book and tell her about my cousin!  “There’s still hope!  There’s still hope!”

P.S. I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest opinions and review.

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