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Show me a picture of 10

My four-year-old's explanation of "10".

My four-year-old’s explanation of “10”.

Here’s an easy math activity to do with your preschooler.  Ask them to draw you a picture of what the number 10 looks like.  (A smaller number would also work.)

My daughter needed help tracing her hands and feet, and I helped her draw the first set of tally marks, but the thinking was all her own work.  Her picture shows five different ways to represent ten: with words, numbers, tally marks, toes and fingers.

So really, is this a picture of 50? 🙂

Repetition would make this activity boring.  (The last thing I want is for my daughter to think math is boring.)  So it’s a good thing there are infinite ways to experience numbers.

A ten triangle.

A ten triangle.

For example, check out the 10 triangle Jenna made last week with Right Start Level A!

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