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Reading Window Wands

Reading windows make Bob Books pop.

Reading windows make Bob Books pop.

The great slog through Bob Books, Set 1
continues.  Nobody promised these would be fun, right?  I don’t know about you, but I could really give a rip about Muff, Ruff, and the 10 Cut Ups.

But I can handle 5-7 minutes a day of reading Bob Books, and so can my daughter.  Be tough, Muff and Ruff!


A learning tool I introduced to Jenna(4) today was her brand new reading window wand.

This is a classic Kindergarten teacher trick.  Grab a popsicle stick, cut out a piece of paper, use some glitter; whatever.  The most important thing is to make a window with clear masking tape. 

For some reason the “window” is what makes these so exciting to children.

You could also jazz things up further by making a bunch of reading window wands that all looked different.  Then, every morning you could let your child choose which wand to use that day.

Using a reading window wand allows children to isolate words, which helps some brains concentrate better.

In Jenna’s case, she  can concentrate just fine.  In fact, her concentration abilities are working against her decoding skills because Jenna relies a lot on picture cues and sentence patterns to help her read.

Those strengths are going to come in really handy when she’s a second grade reader, but right now I want Jenna to master sounding words out.


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