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Getting Nerdy at Breakfast

Surreptitious learning at breakfast

Surreptitious learning at breakfast

Our local food co-op has been selling these Konitz Mugs that have really captured my attention. So each month when my 10% off coupon comes in the mail, I’ve been splurging and buying a new mug.

They are kind of like the periodic table of the elements placemat I had when I was little, only for grown-ups.

…Which makes me realize that I’ve never bothered to buy placemats like that for my own kids, even though it is a really good idea.

I can’t believe I’m thinking about Christmas already, but now I am!

The grandmas are always asking me for present ideas for the kids, and I never know what to say. So I’m adding some very cool placemats to the Grandma Please Buy This page for my blog.

Feel free to pass that link along to the grandmas in your life, in case it helps.

Grandma Please Buy This!


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