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Someone Else’s Shoes


A while back I reviewed Gratitude Attitude, a new CD coming out in August that I think is a great way to help kids develop Emotional Intelligence.

Now I’ve got a new CD to add to our playlist.  Someone Else’s Shoes – The Best Foot Forward Children’s Music Series from Recess Music is my latest complimentary CD to review in exchange for my honest opinion and review.  It’s from the same people who produced Gratitude Attitude.

There were a lot of songs on “Someone Else’s Shoes” that I absolutely loved: “There’s No Such Thing As Normal!” by Dan Dan Doodlebug, “Be Nice To Old People” by Jamie Broza , and  “Just the Way You Are”, by  Kelsey Friday & The Rest of the Week are all top favorites.

A couple of the songs near the beginning of the CD struck me as being best suited for the under 5 years-old-set.  I’m pretty sure that if you played “You Hurt My Feelings” by Troubador to a third grade classroom the eight-year-olds would mock you.  That doesn’t mean it’s not a good song, it’s just very earnest.

But the fact that I was thinking about using this CD in a classroom setting at all, is one of the reasons I really liked it.  Yes, it’s great for home use, but it could also be good for school.

When I was a teacher in California my district did not provide Para educators to supervise recess. This meant that the teachers had to take turns for yard duty. If it rained, everyone was stuck indoors, teachers too.

Probably any CD in the “Best Foot Forward” series would be a really great soundtrack to rainy day recess.  You could also play this music when kids were practicing cursive.

Both “Someone Else’s Shoes” and “Gratitude Attitude” offer really positive messages to kids and family.  That’s a shot in the arm that we can all use.

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