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Guerilla Warfare and SOTW III

Rocking out with history this summer!

This summer the kids and I have been listening to Susan Wise Bauer‘s epic book  The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child, Vol. 3: Early Modern Times, 2nd Edition (9 CDs).

My eight-year-old son Bruce has also been reading the text version, and we’ve been trying to do some of the projects from the activity guide, which I’ve shared on the SOTW Pinterest board I’m creating with Mrs. Warde from Sceleratus Classical Academy.


But with Alaska, camping, swimming lessons and sleeping in, we haven’t done as much with SOTW III as I had hoped.

Yesterday however, was a lot of fun.  That’s because we played the guerilla warfare game from page 71 of the Activity Guide.  This was a tie-in to the story of Aurangzeb, “World Seizer” of India.

(On a side note, since we are listening to the audio version of SOTW, I thought the name was “World Caesar”.  Ooops!)

Here’s a brief quote from the Activity Guide: “Aurangzeb spent twenty-six years in the Deccan, fighting off guerilla warriors.  Guerilla warriors are soldiers who fight in sneak attacks and from under cover.” (p 71)

A hands-on learning approach to understanding guerilla warfare (without anyone being hurt).

A hands-on learning approach to understanding guerilla warfare (without anyone being hurt).

Susan Wise Bauer’s idea is to have kids try to hide under furniture around the house, and sneak attack their parents, grabbing ribbons which are close-pinned to mom and dad’s back.  If they pull this off unnoticed, the kids get a point.  If the children are caught, the point goes to mom and dad.

Granted, there is a moral issue to be considered when you are turning something as horribly serious as guerilla warfare into a game.  This isn’t a subject to be taken lightly.

But I think the point is to teach children that in many wars, weaker fighters are successful combating stronger troops by not following the traditional rules of warfare.  This also becomes important when understanding America’s Revolutionary War, which is also covered in SOTW III.

So a “game” like this is only one part of a larger discussion about power, control,  and the heartbreak of war.

Stay tuned for more of our SOTW adventures this summer…

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