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A Gold Star Guided Reading Library


I’ve posted before about my obsessively organized Guided Reading library and reading nest.  If you a newbie to my blog, you might be wondering what Guided Reading is all about.

So here’s some teacher training for moms:

The reasoning behind  my bizaro library is that organizing books in categories makes book selection less intimidating for young readers.  This is a trick that teachers use in classrooms all the time.

I get my book boxes from Ikea.  They are supposed to be used for dresser drawer organization.  They aren’t very sturdy, but they are super cheap and you can write right on them.


Our book collection continues to grow, and here is what our middle grade library looks like right now:


This summer I’ve added a twist to our organization system and it’s something that you could only do in a home setting, as opposed to a classroom.  I bought a pack of stickers for my eight-year-old son Bruce, and am letting him put a gold star on every book he’s read.

For home use only!

This is a very long process!  We are working through the library a couple of boxes a day.  So far, Bruce has used up 200 stickers.  He’s probably read 80% of our books.

The stickers system has a lot of benefits:

  • I can keep better track of what my son reads.
  • We can move unread books to the front of boxes.
  • My son can quickly find new reading material.
  • In the future, there will be a slight “oomph” to my daughter to read as widely as her big brother.

The wicked part of my library?

I keep running out of room!!!

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