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Gratitude Attitude

Recess Music - Gratitude Attitude

I received a free copy of the CD Gratitude Attitude in exchange for my honest opinion and review, and whoa!  I love it!  I now want to collect Recess Music’s entire “Best Foot Forward” series.  It’s Social Emotional Learning put to music.

How to get along with your fellow humans can be the hardest thing to teach.

How to get along with your fellow humans can be the hardest thing to teach.

My family has been working really hard to encourage emotional intelligence, and this CD is the perfect compliment to what we’ve been talking about.

What's earning popcorn right now!

A family discussion about appreciation.

We listened to  Gratitude Attitude on the way up to the mountains this past weekend, and it practically inoculated my kids with good manners.  For the first thirty minutes after we got out of the car, they were really good about saying thank you.  (Then the effect wore off!)  But “Use a napkin not your mom” by Kathy Kallick has already made a reappearance in everyday discussion.

My favorite song on this CD is “Love you a Million” by Mary Kaye. The former Girl Scout camp counselor in me thinks it would make a great campfire song.

My husband really likes “There’s a Pea on My Plate” by Bill Harley, and “The Table Manners Polka” by Mike Soloway.

My three-year-old, who has been listening to this CD extensively in her room on her own time, is partial to “I’m Glad You’re Here”, by Debbie and Friends.  (That might just be because it’s song #1, and she has a hard time working her CD player.)  But I do think that “I’m Glad You’re Here” would be a great welcome song for Kindergarten or preschool.

“Only Take What You Need”, by Earth Mama, is also a family favorite.  That would be another great song for the campfire too…

This CD is definitely a keeper.  I think I’m going to buy Someone Else’s Shoes – The Best Foot Forward Children’s Music Series from Recess Music next.


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