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Ko’s Journey Review

On Monday I signed up my eight-year-old son Bruce for Ko’s Journey.  We got a great deal through Homebuyer’s Coop that’s good until June 30th (link here that gets me points or something.)

Bruce has just finished Houghton Mifflin Math Expressions 4th grade, so I figured Ko’s Journey would be an appropriate level for him.

It turns out that it is and it isn’t.  I’d say Ko’s Journey is falling into the easy range.  I did have to stop and teach Bruce how to multiply extremely large numbers like 2,500 X 380.  He also needed to review multiplying decimals, and figuring out percents.  So that’s all been great.

But Ko’s Journey isn’t so challenging that I feel like Bruce is learning a ton Take that opinion however you wish.  That might be a good thing for a child who is math-phobic.  Ko’s Journey isn’t so hard that it’s scary.

Bruce has probably played Ko’s journey about 4 and a half hours by now.  (Yes, that’s a lot of screen time.  No, I’m not evil.)

Today was the first day of summer vacation and he begged me to play.  I figured, what the heck?  It’s educational and it’s summer.  Plus, that freed me up to read library books with my daughter.

The weird thing is that Bruce has already completed 75% of the online portion of the game.  It’s supposedly a 15 hour program.  But I guess the time allotment is different for every child.

There’re also some hands-on activities that come in the educator’s guide with Ko’s Journey, but we haven’t done those yet.

If you’re familiar with Dreambox, Ko’s Journey is really different.  I don’t think this could be a stand alone program (although I don’t think Dreambox should fly solo either.)  But I would say that Ko’s Journey is a great supplement.

Bruce is really enjoying Ko’s Journey a lot, but he’s almost done.

Is there anyone who could please tell me what Descartes’ Cove is like?  😉

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  1. theyoungermrswarde says:

    Just read on the WTM forum that Descartes’ Cove is 40% off on their website if you’re still interested.

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