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This site is the new home of Teaching My Baby to Read.

For the past two years I’ve been blogging at http://teachingmybabytoread.blog.com, but for the past week my blog has been down. Spotty service from blog.com has prompted this change.

Please be patient with me as I transfer files, spruce things up, and figure out how to use Word Press.

Check back soon!


  1. dangermom says:

    Go Jenny! I’ll be able to comment now!

  2. dangermom says:

    Well, no wonder–the amount of hassle involved in changing over all the files is mind-boggling. But hey, at least you don’t have a yard full of goats? We were going to go visit a baby alpaca at a friend’s house, but we can’t go because ALL of their many goats got loose, so the fence must be fixed and the goats apprehended. o.O

    I can see you’re making good progress though! Have some chocolate and keep on truckin’. (hee hee)

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