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Paleo Mother’s Day Cookies

Paleo Lemon Bars

Paleo Lemon Bars

It’s been a while since my three-year-old and I made a homemade book together.  I need to change that because homemade books are awesome.  (For more on the how and why, click here.)

So here’s two learning opportunities in one.  We worked on basic math skills like counting, adding, and fractions by making lavender lemon bars yesterday, and today Jenna can read all about it.

Jenna Made Lemon Bars

Jenna added almond flour.

 Jenna added salt.

Jenna added lavender flowers.

Jenna patted the crust.

Jenna counted three eggs.

Jenna squeezed the lemons.

Mommy poured the filling!

(BTW, a similar recipe can be found right here.  Just add 1 T of lavendar flowers to the crust.)

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