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Why I’m proud to be a Delta Gamma

DG forever!

DG forever!

Let me tell you why Delta Gamma should be in the news

  • Do you know what the DG motto is?  “Do Good”.
  • Since 1936 DGs have been committed to preserving sight and helping the blind.
  • DGs were the first fraternity to create an independent philanthropic foundation in 1951.
  • DGs have given out over $2,800,000 in grants to organizations who share our mission.
  • DGs were one of the original founders of the National Panhellenic Conference.
  • There are fabulous DGs everywhere.  Check out: Yep! She’s a Delta Gamma.

What’s the best part of being a DG?  Sisterhood!

Yeah, that sounds trite but it isn’t.

Fifteen years after I joined, my DG sisters are still amazing me.  The Upsilon chapter of Delta Gamma at Stanford has since closed, but Upsilon women continue to make a difference in my life.  Every time I sign onto Facebook it’s chapter night all over again.

Not only did DGs help me get through college, but now they help me get through life too.

And I know, I bleeping know, that I’m really lucky.  Because there are a lot of women who graduate from college and don’t have what I do.  I’ve got DG sisters all over the world I can call for help, advice, friendship or prayer.

Maybe someday I’ll have time to volunteer at the Beta chapter of Delta Gamma at the University of Washington.  When my kids grow up, maybe I’ll fly off to DG conferences all over America and meet up with old friends.

In the meantime I pay my (minimal dues), read the Anchora, and live my life knowing it’s a lot richer because I pledged DG.

I’m so happy that I am-a.. Delta Gamma!

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