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A Dream So Big, by Steve Peifer

Steve Peifer and Gregg Lewis’s book A Dream So Big, Our Unlikely Journey to End the Tears of Hunger is my new favorite book and I haven’t even finished reading it yet.

Have you ever read Tracy Kidder’s book Mountains Beyond Mountains about Dr. Paul Farmer’s work in Haiti?  A Dream So Big is in that league.

Once you read A Dream So Big, you will never be the same.

Steve and Nancy Peifer are missionaries in Kenya, but A Dream So Big is not about an American family from Texas going to Africa to convert people.  It is the story of modern Kenya itself, and the thousands of challenges Kenyan nationals face each day.  It is also the story about how we can’t call ourselves human, and ignore what is happening in Africa.

There were many passages in the book that were so moving that I read them aloud to my eight-year-old son.  One example of this, is about how excited hospitalized children were to see a concrete floor, because they had never seen a floor before.  Another part was about school children who couldn’t pay attention in class on Thursday, because their last meal was on Monday.

It is those children who inspired the Peifer’s to found Kenya Kids Can, which provides one meal a day to over 18,000 Kenyan school children.  They purchase food through the local markets, so it’s not disruptive to the local economy.  They also convert shipping containers into solar powered computer classrooms.  Steve Peifer was awarded the CNN Heroes Award in 207 for his work.

A Dream So Big is deeply moving, but it is also funny too.  It’s a book that can make you laugh on one page, and cry on the next.  

At the very end of this book is a page about what Americans can do to help.  I was so encouraged to read that one of their suggestions was to share this book on blogs and social media platforms.  I can at least do that!

I received a free copy of A Dream So Big from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest opinions and review.  But I’m going to be purchasing it in the future many, many times.  I feel like I want to give it to every person I know.

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