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Paperclip Parenting

Is one of your kids driving you nuts?

Here’s a trick that just might help. I call it Paperclip Parenting.

First thing in the morning put two colors of paperclips in the back pocket of your jeans.

Then every time that day you find yourself catching your child being good and say something about it, (i.e. “Thanks for brushing your teeth without being asked!), move one paper clip to the front pocket.

Every time you catch your child being naughty and have a verbal interaction over it, (I told you to pick up your socks three times already!), move the alternate color paper clip to its front pocket.

At the end of the day link all of your paperclips together.  You’ll get a good visual about what is actually going on.  How much positive reinforcement is your child getting?  How much negative?  If you work harder to “catch your child being good” will that help?

The picture I’m showing in this example is just for props.  Most likely you’ll have closer to 100 interactions with your child.  At least that was the case with me, when I tried this experiment at home.

I did this behavioral modification experiment three days in a row with one of my children, and it really helped.

Maybe it will work for you too!

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