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MyPlate on My Budget, Day 6

I wish you could smell how delicious my house is right now.

Today is Week 1, Day 6 of the MyPlate on My Budget experiment.

Despite all of my crazy menu planning, I goofed.  We are going to a Cub Scout pot-luck tonight, and I totally spaced.  So we’re bringing what I was going to make anyway, Rose’s Pork Roast with Sauerkraut.  (It was either that or tomorrow night’s fish.)

My result smells and tastes delicious, but it’s not nearly as pretty looking as Rose’s. 

Here’s why:


Rose’s recipe calls for red cabbage–but green cabbage was cheaper. It also calls for red onions, but I already had a bag of super cheap brown onions.

I thought I had all three apples for the recipe, but my daughter ate some.  She’s a fruit addict and on this current budget, I wasn’t able to purchase our usual amount of fruit this week.  So instead of three apples I only used one.

Luckily, it’s still yummy!

I really did not intend to make a bastardized version of Rose’s beautiful recipe, but that’s just what happened.  It illustrates a good point too.

Cooking on a super-thrifty budget often means cutting corners.  But when you cut out one ingredient here, and another there, pretty soon your’e not making the actual recipe.  If you’re not following the exact recipe, you might be losing out on some important flavors.  If you are losing out on some important flavors, you might not like a healthy food as much.  That might tempt to you eat light at dinner, and then fill up on junk food later (if you can afford it).

So here’s a promise…  Next month I’m going to try this recipe again, and you know…actually follow it.

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  1. Rose says:

    I feel like I should jump in here! First I am so glad you didn’t have all the ingredients to make this recipe exactly the way I did. There are many reasons including budget that would cause a cook to get creative with a recipe. When I created this particular recipe I happened to have red cabbage and red onions on hand. Personally I think your version looks great and I would totally eat it! Following the essence of a recipe can still yield a delicious result. As you say, “it smells and tastes delicious.” As the recipe creator I am thrilled with that review even if you didn’t get to try the dish exactly as written. That you are excited to try it again is marvelous!

    As we go through this experiment and start to consider how it is changing the way we view food I hope flexibility and creativity rank high on the list. Great job Jenny!

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