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MyPlate on My Budget, Day 4

Meatless Monday from last night: tomato soup, Roses’ grilled cheese sandwiches, and frozen green beans.

Of course, I’m a big cheater.

I couldn’t actually follow Rose’s recipe all the way because I forgot to buy an avocado.  Then, I knew that if I put spinach in my kids’ sandwiches, they wouldn’t eat them.  On my thrifty budget, I can’t afford to waste bread.

So my husband and I had the grilled cheese with spinach (which was really yummy), but the kids didn’t.

The good news?

My daughter Jenna LOVES frozen green beans.  She ate three servings.

The bad news?

That was two servings too many for Jenna’s MyPlate vegetable requirement.  So I just crossed off “other”.

We are only half way through week one and this is already getting tricky.

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