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MyPlate on My Budget, Veggies cost $$$

Can I follow the USDA thrifty food plan and feed my family the USDA MyPlate nutrients?  That’s the question I will be asking this March with MyPlate on My Budget.

Rose McAvoy from Our Lady of Second Helpings is providing support, guidance and yummy recipes.

Right now it’s still February, so I decided to take a hard look at what my family normally eats.

Normally, I spend a lot of money on fruits and vegetables.

$77.65 for the week!  We aren’t a family who wastes food either.  Occasionally I’ll toss a forgotten bunch of cilantro into the compost, but we usually consume all of the fruits and vegetables I buy.

Adding up the amount of money my family spends on produce is shocking.

It also makes me sad, because I know that a lot of moms in America can’t do that.  And if families aren’t eating so many fruits and vegetables, what are they eating?  Or are they not eating at all?

Washington State has a a 10.1% food insecurity rate.  So 10 out of 100 people in Washington don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Vegetables are a luxury that I have been taking for granted.

Now for the analysis part… 

Even though I’m spending so much money on produce, am I normally purchasing food that will meet the USDA My Plate requirements for my family each week?


Vegetables: 73.5 cups

  • 7 cups dark leafy green
  • 20.5 cups red and orange
  • 21.5 cups starch
  • 6.5 cups beans and peas
  • 18 cups other

Fruits: 52.5 cups

  • Whole fruits whenever possible


Vegetables: 114 cups

  • 37 cups dark leafy green
  • 49 cups red and orange
  • 0 cups starch
  • 9 cups beans and peas
  • 32 cups other

Fruits: 77.75 cups

  • Whole fruits whenever possible


I guess I should have bought some potatoes or squash.  Other than that, we are doubling the fruit and veggie requirements every week.  Hello green smoothies!

No wonder I spend so much money at the grocery store…

So what’s going to happen this March when my budget is $144 a week?  Am I going to gain weight?  Am I going to lose weight?  Or is Rose McAvoy going to have some magic tricks up here sleeve to help me finance our veggie addiction, for a lot less money.

I have to admit, I’m a little bit nervous…

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