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Marshmallow Math

Yes, this looks disgusting.

My three year old daughter Jenna felt like she was missing out on the fun after her brother Bruce got to build atoms with marshmallows this weekend.  So I got out the food dye and made up an activity for the preschool set.

It would have been a lot easier to used colored marshmallows to begin with, but we didn’t have any.  The up side of the DIY version is that blue marshmallows look gross and nobody wanted to eat them.

Think of the calories saved!

The first thing we did was build the number 5 using blue and white marshmallows.  This is very similar to what we do with Right Start Level A and the abacus.

We also built shapes.  Jenna is learning about triangles, squares and rhombuses.

Hands-on, fun, easy and meaningful.  That’s how I like to do math with three year olds.

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