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So you want a puppy?

One of the biggest deals where we live is keeping Puget Sound Clean.

It’s pretty darn important.  That’s why I love The Dog Poop Game.

Earlier this year our family went to Cama Beach State Park’s CamOcean World Oceans Day FestivalSound Salmon Solutions was there that day teaching kids about the importance of keeping animal waste out of yard waste and compost bins.

My son learned how to properly pick up dog-poop-shaped-bean-bags using plastic, and then dispose them in the trash can. What made this activity fun was that kids got to toss the “poop” about six feet in the air and win a prize if it landed in the garbage.


This game could easily be recreated for your next school carnival or scouting event. Sound Salmon Solutions also has a ton of free science curriculum available on their website, so be sure to check that out.

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