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Stuffed Animal Math

How many times does your preschooler drag out her stuffed animals?  Probably a lot!

Here’s how I turned doggy-time into math-time.

First I brought out the craft sticks. 

There are five doggies and two random Beanie Babies.  So we laid out tally sticks for how many animals there were: 7.

Then we showed the number 7 with our hands.

We also made the number 7 on the abacus.

Then my daughter brought out all of the animal friends!

Jenna doesn’t understand the number 15 yet, but she does understand 5 and 5 and 5.

So that’s how many stuffed animals she has.  5 and 5 and 5.


  1. Novita says:

    Thanks, you are my inspiration! God bless!

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