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Understanding POV

“Who is telling the story?”

Write it on your arm to remind yourself to ask, every time you read your children a book today!

Understanding point of view is a major learning objective you can help your children master.

I’m feeling kind of lazy and am not bothering to look it up in our state’s K-12 standards right now, but I know from being a teacher that understanding point of view is something third graders are expected to understand. You can give your kids a head start by covering POV at home.  They don’t have to be eight years old to learn this.

First Person POV

A great book to get you started is My Little Brother by David Mc Phail.  I highly recommend checking this book out from your local library.

In My Little Brother, the older brother is telling the story.  But the way the story is written, and the way the pictures are drawn, there are lots of opportunities for children to have to really stop and think.

Here are some prompts you might try using: “Who is telling the story?  Point to the person who is telling the story.” etc.

Third Person POV

In the case of a book written in the third person POV, like When Sophie Gets Angry–Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang, the answer to the question “Who is telling the story?” is: The Narator.

The concept of a narrator can be a bit confusing for preschoolers, so make sure they understand first person POV first.  I’m training my three year old daughter Jenna to recognize the difference.

“Who is telling the story?”

Did you write it on your arm yet?  😉

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