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Carnival News

A woke up to a nice surprise today in that my two posts about logic cards have been featured in the most recent Math Teachers at Play Carnival

This was especially exciting because it’s the first carnival I’ve been in that I didn’t submit for!

For those of you who don’t  know what a blog carnival is, here’s the 15 second explanation:  There’s this website called Blog Carnival.  Bloggers can organize a carnival for free according to their intersts.

Last fall I organized a Carnival of Afterschooling.  It was only mildly successful because most people probably don’t know what Aftesrchooling means.

I intended to organize another carnival in December, but got flooded with posts from nanny websites.  So I ended up scrapping the whole idea.

It’s too bad, because there was one really great post I wanted to share.  Belatedly, here it is:

Bon Crowder presents Chutes and Ladders – It’s a Math Game! posted at Math is Not A Four Letter Word, saying, “A way to look at math – even during game night!”

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