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Logic Cards for Preschoolers

Here’s a fun, fun game our whole family played at dinner tonight.

Putting one card at a time in the middle of the dinner table, I gave the prompt: “Which one is different?”  Jenna(3) gave the answers.  Bruce(7) was the person who got to say “You are correct!”

(If you click on the pictures they will get bigger.)

The cards got progressively harder, but only a few of them were too hard for Jenna.  She loved this activity.

None of the cards were too hard for Bruce.  He was kind of disappointed that I didn’t have a set designed for him, so that’s my goal for tomorrow.

The cards were super easy to make using these stamp thing-a-ma-jiggers that Jenna got for Christmas.  She did art while I made a bunch of learning tools for the future.

One final note.  Anyone familiar with the CogAT can probably see the way my mind is working…

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  1. jengod says:

    What a totally great idea, not to mention the perfect use of dot stampers. Nice work mama!

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