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Envelope Budget Wallet

Check out my new wallet from Thrifty Zippers!

One of my goals this year is to be better about teaching my daughter about money.  Specifically, I want Jenna(3) to understand that when I say “There’s no more money for ice cream,” I’m not actually saying: There’s no more money!

I’ve been thinking that a Dave Ramsey style cash/budget wallet, might solve this problem for me. I can show Jenna that there is an actual envelope of money for ice cream, but that there are also envelopes of money for other things.

In the past, I’ve tried the envelope/wallet system with real  paper envelopes.  Tsh at Simple Mom talks about this in her book One Bite at a Time.  But I kind of got freaked out that the envelopes might accidentally be thrown away!

Then I saw these wallets from Thrifty Zippers on Etsy

They are pretty attractive considering the material…oilcloth. 

You could throw these in a diaper bag without too much fuss.

There is a clear pocket for my driver’s licence, plus some other pockets for cards.

The most important feature is the six zippered envelopes.  There is a clear window on each envelope to write whatever label you want.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed!

Even better, I’m starting off 2013 being jazzed about frugal living.  I’m going to make up that $32.95 I spent on this wallet in no time.  I’ll also probably shave off a few pounds from not going out for ice cream so often.  😉

(P.S. In case you are wondering, I did not get this wallet for free as a blogger perk. I paid my money like everyone else.)


  1. Kristen X says:

    Love this! I bought my husband the Money Makeover book and workbook by Dave Ramsey and my kids the Financial Peace Jr. packs but we haven’t started it at all yet. I’ll have to keep these wallets in mind!

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