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Do you have a resolution for 2013?

My “I Brake for Moms” column from the Sunday Herald.

In other column related news, “I Brake for Moms” has finally inspired a letter to the editor.  Unless my reading comprehension skills are really lousy, I think I unintentionally offended the letter writer!  For this, I am sincerely sorry.

The point of my ASD column a couple of weeks ago was to reiterate that there is no link whatsoever between Asperger’s Syndrome and violence.  Also, we as a society need to start preparing for a future where 1 out of 88 adults have ASD and those people outlive their parents.

I have had people with ASD in my life for over twenty years.  I was trained in the Llovas method and worked with two children doing ABA therapy.  That was my first part-time job at Stanford.

Later on in my teaching career, I continued to work with children with ASD.  I worked my butt off to help make sure their mainstream experience in my classroom was successful for everyone.

I still care about all of these children very dearly.  I want to make sure that their futures are secure even when their mothers and fathers are no longer there to support them in financial or practical ways.

I wish that more people were talking about this.

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