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My Blog Redesign

Okay folks, lay it on me!  I’ve been wanting to redesign my blog for a while now, ever since my son asked me to remove “the picture of his elbow”.  Other goals include:

  • Making Teaching My Baby to Read look more like a website, and less like a blog
  • Moving to an “archive” format, so that readers can quickly scan post titles and decide what looks interesting
  • Decreasing an emphasis on my family to ensure my children’s privacy
  • Increasing traffic overall

Basically, I’ve hit a plateau. I get between 100-200 unique visitors every day, but that number has been static for a while.  It’s kind of frustrating, because I feel like I have a lot of good content to offer.

But enough with the whining!

What do you think of the changes I’ve made?  Is there something that is bugging you?  Something you miss?  Please tell me the good, the bad and the ugly.

P.S.  I know I need to bring the blogroll back.  I just haven’t figured out how…


  1. Mamta Bhandari says:

    I have to agree that you have great content and wonderful ideas so please do not be disheartened. I know that I have learnt from you. I will look through the new format this week and give you my thoughts but just wanted to drop you line after reading your post.

  2. mamta bhandari says:

    Okay – I promised my thoughts on the redesign but apologize for being a couple of days late. I think the set-up is more logical – what I mean there is that – I could think about that I wanted to read about and found it under the tabs I picked out. Question for you are the topics under each tab listed in terms of newest first – What if someone wants to read about what you recently added?

    • jenbrdsly says:

      Thank you so much for your thoughts!

      Hmm… I have no idea about the tabs. I didn’t know you could search that way until you mentioned it. I guess I should be more thoughtful about how I add tabs. I used to have posts archived by dates, but that is gone. I’m not sure if that was a good decision or not.

  3. Aly in va says:

    Adding on to the comments above, I prefer dated archives. However, I say whatever works for you will work for your readers

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