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The Monster Game

Here’s a game three-year-old Jenna has enjoyed playing this past week.  The monster asks her for a word.  She hands him a word and he eats it.  Then at the end, the monster up-chucks all of the words back.  (The key is to be very dramatic with this last part.)

On the back of the words are bones.  Right now we are playing bones-down, but eventually we will play bones-up.  Meaning right now I say “Give me the word that says rat.”  But eventually I’ll say “Turn the bone over.  What is that word?”

I got this idea from the All About Reading Level 1 Blast off to Reading Activity Book.  I don’t have the teacher’s guide, so I’m not sure if we are playing “The Monster Game” the way AAR wants us to or not.  But it doesn’t really matter, because Jenna LOVES this game and is learning a ton.  For us, it has been a good supplement.

For a road-map of free ideas to help teach young children to read, be sure to check out my Where to Start page.

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