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“Keeper of the Mountains” trailer

I’m so excited to share the first glimpse of “Keeper of the Mountains”, a documentary that my former roommate, Alison Otto, has been working on! Anyone who loves mountaineering or inspiring stories about women will be interested:

Keeper of the Mountains Trailer from Allison Otto on Vimeo.

In a post-World War II era during which few women lived and traveled independently American journalist Elizabeth Hawley settled alone in Kathmandu, Nepal.

There, despite having never climbed a mountain, Miss Hawley carved out a niche for herself as the foremost Himalayan mountaineering historian in the world.  Now 89, she has recorded more than 80,000 Himalayan expedition ascents, her reports are trusted by news organizations and publications around the globe, and she maintains the world’s largest and most treasured Himalayan mountaineering archive.

“Keeper of the Mountains” is a portrait of a woman who played an unlikely key role in the Golden Age of Himalayan mountaineering while living life on her own terms at the edge of the troposphere and defying the traditional gender roles of her day. It chronicles the challenges she currently faces as she tries to maintain the mountaineering archives and her independence while dealing with advancing age and a rapidly changing world.

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