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A Beautiful Book About Dyslexia

Word Blindness

The Wild Book by Margarita Engle is a beautiful book for middle grade readers that tells the story of Fefa, who grows up in turn-of-the-century Cuba.  Fefa struggles with a multitude of siblings, and also with “word blindness”, aka Dyslexia.

This is an extremely low word-count book, which makes it approachable for struggling readers.  Written as a collection of poems, this novel tells a complex and engaging story.

The cover art by Yuyi Morales is absolutely beautiful.  The Wild Book looks and feels like a regular middle grade novel. No middle school student would feel ashamed for having this book in her arms, even though it is a book about a tween’s struggle with Dyslexia.

I have never read anything by Newbery Honor winner Mararita Engle before, but she is now on my list of authors to check out.  Well done Ms. Engle!

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