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Playing Santa this Christmas

You are looking at a major problem with our Christmas decor.

  1. The giant heads on my childhood Christmas stocking really freak my kids out!
  2. My stocking isn’t pointing the right direction!

I could spend $100 bucks at the mall and bring our living room out of “Hand-me-down Central” into “Pottery Barn Generic”, or I could use that money for something more important.

I could be part of the “Advent Conspiracy”…

So I didn’t go to the mall.

Instead, I logged onto Kiva.org and funded a $25 micro-loan to Guatemala.

That’s about the price of a new stocking!

I’ve never loaned through Kiva before, but it’s pretty cool.  I got to pick where my money went, and read the business plan for how it was going to be used.  Maybe (probably) it will be repaid; maybe not.  If the loan does get repaid, I can choose to loan it out again.

While I was deliberating about which loan to fund, I decided “Hey, why not finish off my Christmas list with some Kiva gift cards for the Grandmas?”  Sweet!

Full disclaimer!

If you sign up on Kiva.org too, through my link, then I somehow get extra money to loan out.  (I don’t get the money to keep; just to loan out.)

I’m still new to this, but there is also some way to join, or create a team on Kiva.  I’m not sure how that works, but I’m intrigued…

I’m also wondering if this would make an interesting learning opportunity for my seven year old son.  He might be getting a Kiva card under the tree this year too.

Check it out for yourself:

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