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Starfall Rocks!

 Starfall Learn to Read

Upon the recommendation of my blog friends, I went ahead and shelled out $35 to upgrade to the paid version of Starfall.com.

I totally agree with Kristen at Teaching Stars, and Jen at Post-Apocalyptic Homeschool, because this has been worth it.  The added math games alone make it worthwhile.

Jenna(3) has been playing Starfall for about a month now, and has suddenly started blending three letter words.  (I’ve been trying to teach her how to do that forever.)  Yeah!

So…. Starfall.com is definitely being added to my Where to Start page.  It’s about time.  😉


  1. Kim says:

    Just wondering if you have tried Reading Eggs? I am considering it or Starfall.

  2. aly in va says:

    I second Starfall, even though I haven’t upgraded. We do use the reading starfall app quite a bit with the 4 year old.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would highly recommend the free online program at readingbear.org also.

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