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Make Your Own Menorah

What you are looking at is the menorah my son Bruce made in Montessori many years ago.  Hanukkah doesn’t begin until sunset this Saturday, but I thought I’d write this post up early in case you wanted to make your own menorah too.

The materials are quite basic:

  • One paint stick that they give out for free at paint stores
  • 10 bolts
  • Glue
  • Stamps or other decorations

The directions are even easier:

  1. Glue 9 bolts onto the stick.
  2. Glue the 10th bold on top of bolt 5, so that the middle bolt is extra tall.  (This is for the shamash candle.)
  3. Decorate in between the bolts.

Here’s what our menorah looks with candles in it, set up for the fifth night of Hanukkah:

Our family is United Methodist, so we celebrate Christmas instead of Hanukka.  But we do bring out our menorah each year and talk about how some of our friends and neighbors have different faith traditions.

Unfortunately, in researching this post, I realize that I have totally blown it all these years… literally. 

I knew that you were supposed to light the shamash candle first and use that to light the other candles, but I didn’t know that you were never supposed to blow the candles out.  We have also been lighting them left to right instead of right to left.  Ahh!  I’m so embarrassed!

When I stick with books, I do a lot better. 

Here are some of my favorites about Judaism:

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  1. Anya Warde says:

    If you’re still talking to your kids about Hanukka, I found a neat blog post about what another family did, and they made a menorah-in-the-window craft.


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