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I feel like a drip!

Non WA readers are going to need an explanation for this one.  In Washington State there are coffee stands serviced by “bikini baristas”.  Sometimes you can tell which ones they are, and sometimes you can’t…

My “I Brake for Moms” column in the Sunday Herald. Check me out in The Good Life Section!


  1. Amy Himple says:

    I’m with you completely – and I’ve posted your blog to my Facebook page to share with my friends too. I really enjoy reading “I brake for Moms” in the Herald; keep up the great work!

  2. Toby Barnett says:

    It is sad to see young women working as bikini baristas and for parents knowingly or unknowingly allow their kids to work at such a place. Morally is right? Probably not. Is it illegal. Nope. So it is definitely a grey area when it comes to bikini stands and how they fit into society’s norms. That being said, are bikini stands much different from the beach besides the time of year?

  3. Kristen X says:

    Craziness! I would say “what is the world coming to” but sadly, I think it’s kind of apparent. Yikes.

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