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Melissa and Doug Geoboard

Sorry for the lame picture.  Things have been a bit busy here.

What you’re looking at is the Melissa and Doug 11 x 11 geoboard kit I bought for Jenna(3) so she wouldn’t be left out of the geoboard action her big brother Bruce is doing.

This is a real geoboard that you could do some serious math with.  Since it is 11 x 11, there is the potential to do bigger problems than on a 7 x7 board.  But!!!  The square inch tiles won’t work.  (See here for more info.)

What this kit has going for it, is the picture cards that slide into the back. Jenna is still too young to be able to actually create the pictures, but she thinks she is is creating the pictures.  There is also a lot of fine motor activity going on which will help her handwriting muscles.

P.S.  I am adding this to my Grandma Please Buy This page.

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