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Starfall Learn to Read

Jenna is three years old now and she’s recently become interested in Starfall.com.  Her brother Bruce(7) was totally uninterested in Starfall at that age, even though he could sound out three letter words no problem.

Jenna won’t sound out words for me when prompted, but is highly intrigued by the computer.  She can do a bunch of the Starfall games on her own, including the matching game that involves reading some basic words.

Yes, this makes no sense whatsoever!

I think she must be really strong at beginning phonemes, but won’t look at the middle of a word at all, especially if mommy asks.  But the game pictured above?  She’s getting 100% all the time.

Whatever.   I guess I’m just along for the ride.  🙂


  1. Kristen says:

    We literally use Starfall every.single.day here. We splurged for the annual More.Starfall.com membership but I consider it worth every darn penny. There are games on there that my 2 year old can mess around and learn from. I think the best fit is the learning reader so my 4 year old is currently utilizing it the most. However, I can find educational games to enhance my strong-reading 6 year old’s lessons. We were using it for the multiplication and division games because it was such a nice, clear not-overly-flashy game to show visually what we were covering in her lessons. They also have new ones on geometry, fractions, etc. We LOVE Starfall!

    • jenbrdsly says:

      I was wondering if I should upgrade to the Starfall membership! It sounds like it’s worth it. Thanks for sharing Kristen.

  2. jengod says:

    More Starfall is GREAT. Jackson loves it and asks for it whenever I’m on the computer. I’ve been impressed by both the breadth and depth of their offerings in both math and language.

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