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Afterschooling Plans for Second Grade

If my son wants to watch “Johnny Test” on the weekend, I’m going to make him earn it!

This is how we prioritize:

  1. School
  2. Homework
  3. Playtime/Free time/Outside time
  4. Limited extras like soccer or piano lessons
  5. Afterschooling
  6. Screen time

Here are our Afterschooling Plans for 2nd Grade:

Language Arts and Social Studies

We are doing a yearlong look at diversity in America, including an appreciation of our political system. This will be accomplished through carefully planned read alouds at bedtime. Hyperlinks coming soon! Here’s what’s on board:



Do you want to read about my failed attempt to teach Bruce Spanish in the past? Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment; maybe I’m just crazy. But Ann Cameron told me about this great Spanish program created right here in Seattle by All Bilingual Press.

Bruce and I are slowly working our way through the Espanol para chicos y grandes Level 1 textbook, and Jenna is following along too. It’s amazing how quickly Bruce is remembering vocabulary that he learned three years ago. There could be hope for him yet!


What are your Afterschooling plans? Feel free to leave a link or your comments below.


  1. Have you seen that Dreambox is available via the homeschool buyer’s co-op? Our son has been using it all year, and I think we paid under $40.

  2. Nicol says:

    Those sound like great plans. Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out the whole afterschooling thing. I gave my daughter a month of school to get settled and adjusted, which she is finally doing. It only took 4 weeks of crying every morning.

    I have started to do some memorization in the car. School is a 20 min ride. We’re working on poetry and some grammar (like what is a noun, common noun, pronoun, etc).

    Afterschool I want to work on All About Spelling, level 1, Story of Our World, I Love America, Real Science 4 Kids (Chemistry), Expedition Earth (geography).

    I love the idea of set things for read alouds at bedtime. Your plan looks really nice!

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