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I’m a Pinterest Newbie

I figure I better get my butt in gear and join the Pinterest craze.

I’ve set up my Pinterest boards and I invite you all to follow me!

I want to follow you too, but I’m a little pathetic at the moment, and am just figuring out how to do this.  I’m hoping that Michele from Morning Hugs and Goodnight Kisses is going to help hold my hand through this.  Be sure to check out her boards too.

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment below and give me lots of bossy advice.  I need it!  Please also leave a link with your boards below so I can follow all of your pins.  (If that’s how this works.  Honestly, I’m still really confused.)


  1. JenRay says:

    It seems you have already found my boards, and started following them! (Probably because I have pinned a few of your posts.) I don’t think I use Pinterest in the way most people do. I subscribe to a number of blogs, and when I see stuff I like on them, I pin them to my boards. That way I can find the idea later. (And I have actually followed through and made/tried many of the things I have pinned!) If there is something specific I am trying to get ideas about, I will occasionally search Pinterest. But I rarely just browse Pinterest. So I do use it as a visual storage/organization system for ideas, but I am not very social about the whole thing. I need to get on there and re-organize my boards, as a couple are getting too big and need to be subdivided!

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