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Cupcake Phonics

Here’s a easy idea to recreate.  Jenna(3) has know all of her letters and sounds for over a year, but is just not ready to blend three letter words yet.  Finally, I realized “Duh!  Why not try teaching her to blend two letter words first?”  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier!!!

Anyhow, Jenna loves cupcakes and she loves pink and purple.  So here you go.   This game should be good for five minutes of fun, a few times a week.

Here’s another fun game to try: Put your socks and shoes on.


  1. Bronwyn says:

    That is a cute idea – the cupcakes look delicious too. I taught my now 5 year old DD at 2.5 years old to blend two letter words first. She was very very active so I would sit at the bottom of the hill and put some letter cards at the top and say: Please fetch me the cards that say iiiii…..nnnnn- in and she would fetch the correct ones and we’d build the word. Just for fun we also included aaaaa…shhhh and she fetched a and sh – then I had to go and find some ash in the barbeque area to explain what it was. Just keep blending for her – she’ll get it eventually when she is used to hearing sounds put together.

  2. jengod says:

    Phonics Pathways is starting us off with two-letter blends, many of which are not whole words, but I make up a list of all the words I can think of that start with those two letters (“po” >> “pop, pow, pod”) and read them aloud to the kiddo.

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