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Bruce Bardsley, Vampire Slayer

I’m sorry if today’s commentary is not very insightful. I’ve spent the past few hours supervising a seven year old with a pocket knife.

My son Bruce(7) is really into whittling right now. Our whole back patio is littered with wood shavings, and we now have a huge selection of stakes for____???? Okay, I don’t really know what the intended purpose of these spikes are, but if vampires ever come to Edmonds we will be ready.

The picture you see before you represents several hours worth of work, and one “finger carving merit badge”. It’s just another example of how intensity comes to our family naturally and to the point of craziness.

On a random side note, for those of you who didn’t know “Bruce” is not actually my son’s real name. So I’m a little curious if now that I’ve titled a blog post “Bruce Bardsley”, if that name will be Googleible.

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