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Art on Mondays, Day 5

Full confession. My A STEM Summer right now is looking more like AAAAAA! That’s because our family has been hitting the trails, spending time in the backyard, and trying to escape the heat because it is finally hot. None of us are use to 90 degree heat, but maybe it will be good for my tomatoes.

The Bardsley men climbed Mt. Si last week when it was still cooler. We are all pretty impressed for Bruce(7) hiking the whole 8 miles without one complaint! When they got to the top, my husband harnessed Bruce up and he even climbed the “haystack”.  I’m glad I wasn’t there to freak out!

It was fitting then, that our latest 123 I Can Paint art lesson had to do with painting mountains. It was also a big “a ha” moment for Jenna(3) because she happened upon making pink paint for the first time, and was very proud of herself.

Here’s Jenna’s work. She’s 3.

Here’s Bruce’s work. He’s 7. Can you see how much he is improving?

Here’s my result. Whoo hoo! I finally seem to be teaching these kids something about art even though I don’t know what the heck I am doing.

Finally, I wanted to share this fabulous front page article from the Sunday Herald yesterday about plans to expand North Cascades National Park. It’s too bad that my days of writing letters to the editor are over! My father-in-law was president of the North Cascades Conservation Council for 17 years, and so all of us Bardsleys are really excited for the public to know more about how beautiful North Cascades National park is, and why it is worth protecting.

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