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Remember my “dream library”?

A while back my son Bruce(7) read the “Classic Starts” version of Frakenstein. I was so impressed by the series that I wrote a post about how I wished we could own the entire set. (Unfortunately, our public library doesn’t have any of them.) But since the books are written at about a 3rd grade reading level, they only take my son about an hour to read. At $6 a book, it was hard to justify spending the money. I did however, add the “Classic Starts” series to my Grandma Please Buy This page, and sat tight. Realistically, we need more chapter books like we need a hole in our head.

Flash forward to right now in the middle of summer vacation. Bruce has just finished his one and only week of summer camp, and the break did us both some good. That got me to thinking. Summer camp came out to be $4.66 an hour and was totally worth it. So why not spend $60 on ten new books that would keep Bruce out of my hair for at least ten hours?

Can anyone say “creative justification for spending more money”? 🙂 But really, if I get a second round out of these books with Jenna(3) someday, then that would work out to $3 an hour which will be cheaper than camp. Uh… yeah…  Well, that’s how I explained this purchase to my husband at least.

Here are links to some we own and some we still want:


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