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Blogging About Blogging: Monetizing your Blog

The mission of my blog is “Helping you ensure that your child is academically advantaged, regardless of age, ability, or socio-economic level.” The full explanation of why I started Teaching My Baby to Read can be found here. I also have a Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer. But do I actually make any money at blogging? The truthful answer is sort-of, but not enough to make a profit. I want to share actual numbers with my readers because I believe in being transparent about my intentions, and also because I thought it would be helpful information for my fellow mommy-bloggers.

When tax season comes around, I still feel very comfortable claiming this blog as a hobby that occasionally makes a little bit of money, but not enough money to actually cover the cost of my hobby. Here’s why:

1) I have two affiliate accounts set up. The first is through Amazon. Here is a look at my Amazon Affiliate profits from January 2012 to July 2012:

  • Quarter 1 Profits: $33.94
  • Quarter 2 Profits: $79.42

Great right? Uh, not really. I hope my husband doesn’t read this next part, because here are all of the book and curriculum purchases I’ve made on Amazon this past year that I have blogged about:

  • Quarters 1 and 2 Expenses: ($27.95), ($65.13), ($12.64), ($4.82), ($35.45), ($5.99), ($22.78), ($58.62), ($76.58), ($73.34) = ($383.30)


2) Okay, now for a look at my All About Learning Press affiliate account:

  • Quarters 1 and 2 Profits: $101.98, $101.71, $35.35 = $239.04
  • Expenses (Level 3 AAS kit as well as a couple of items from Level 1 AAR that I will be blogging about soon) = ($76.85)

3) I also need to add my Blog.com expenses for the year:

  • Taking the advertisements off: ($30)
  • Getting extra storage space: ($20)

4) The Final Total?

  • Gross Profits: $33.94+ $79.42 +$239.04 = $353.40
  • Total Expenses: ($383.30) + (76.85) + ($30) +($20) = ($510.15)
  • $510.15-$353.40 = (156.75)

Ahhhhh! I didn’t think the number would say that at all! My blog has ended up costing me money? Yikes!

It’s okay though, because all of the things I have spent money on are books, CDs, spelling, and learning games for my kids. Since I’m a really mean and sneaky mom, some of those “learning games” also doubled as birthday presents. So it’s all good.

5) One last point of useful information is what has my blogging traffic been like? Here are the numbers from January 1, 2012 to July 21, 2012:

Visits: 26,409
Unique Visitors: 16,573

Page views: 63,727

I don’t have the daily rate up there, but I usually get between 100-200 unique visits a day. What I have heard is that your blog really needs to be receiving upwards of 500 visits a day to make any meaningful money. Of course, judging from the information I have I would really question the description “meaningful”.

I hope this post explains why I do indeed have an Amazon Affiliate and an All About Learning Press Affiliate account set up on my blog. I’m not out to make money off of my readers, but it would be nice to break even on all of our chapter book purchases. 🙂

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