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Jenna’s Summer Book

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a homemade book for my daughter Jenna(3), and I really need to get back in action.  (For more on the why and how of homemade books, please click here.)  Blogging helps keep me honest, so let’s see if I can’t make five books for her by the start of September…  Btw, the real version of this book I have printed out at home includes more pictures of her face.  🙂

Jenna’s Summer Book

Jenna did art.

Jenna went to the Zoo.

Jenna pet a goat.

Jenna had a birthday.

Jenna got Marie Grace.

Jenna got a new apron.

Jenna helped make cherries.

Jenna built a solar oven.

Jenna wrote on her I Pad.

Jenna wore lots of headbands.

Jenna read lots of books!


  1. jengod says:

    Happy birthday Jenna!

  2. Aly in va says:

    So sweet. I haven’t made a homemade book since we got an ipad- a true shame! How does Jenna enjoy the leapfrog ipad?

    • jenbrdsly says:

      She likes it a lot! Tracing paper would accomplish the same learning goal, but this one she can use in the car.

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