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Welcome to the Parenting the Gifted Blog Tour, 2012

I am one lucky mom. We live in a school district with an absolutely fabulous gifted program whose teachers understand and support my child’s unique learning needs. Not only that, but once a week when the school bus rolls away, I get to head to our local tea shop and chat with other moms of gifted children. No behavioral or academic issue is too crazy for these fine ladies, because they have dealt with it all. Not once has a conversation ever started with “If your son is so smart then why can’t he_______?”

A year ago when my son was in a regular education classroom things were very different. Even then, I was very lucky to have support. I thought back to my own time growing up in the San Diego Seminar Program, and emailed the mom of the smartest, funniest, craziest, most brilliant kid I knew. “Help me Mrs. G.” I said. “Help me help my child, because I don’t know what to do for him.” It was through her guidance and connections that I found out about SENG, which has been an enormous help.

Around that same time I also read Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise’s book The Well Trained Mind, and had the privilege of learning from other parents on The Well Trained Mind’s online message board, Hive-Mind. The Accelerated Learner Board there is a wealth of information.

If you are the parent of a gifted child then I sincerely hope you have your own circle of tea shop ladies, and your own version Mrs. G. on speed-dial ready to call in the face of your next parenting emergency. Real life friends who understand can’t be beat. But in reality, there are a heck of a lot of gifted children in this world feeling like nobody understands what they are going through, and if you double that then you can include their parents in that number too. I helped organize the Parenting the Gifted Blog Tour, 2012 with other people I met on the Accelerated Learner Board to give these parents a virtual hug.

Each day of the Parenting the Gifted Blog Tour, a new parent is sharing. Every voice counts; yours included, so be sure to leave a comment and share your thoughts too. We also still have room for more guest posts on Friday, July 21st, so please send me an email at: teachingmybabytoread at gmail dot com if you are interested in writing something.

Pour yourself a cup of tea each day, and follow our blog links all across America:

On July 15th Our Roxaboxen Adventures will discuss Identifying Gifted Minority Students.

On July 16th Sceleratus Classical Academy will share Don’t Panic! Musings about realizing that your child’s learning pattern is ahead of schedule.

On July 17th Teaching My Baby to Read will feature When School Isn’t Enough; Fanning the Flames of Learning Afterschool.

On July 18th Homeschooling: or Who’s Ever Home will write about A Broader Definition of Success for Gifted Children.

On July 19th A Tree House Education will feature Why Homeschooling 2E Kids Makes Sense. Homeschool in Florida will share Get Out of Your Own Way: How to Listen to the Needs of Your Gifted Child.

On July 20th Making Music With Kids will discuss Getting Teachers on Your Side. Finding the Right Fit for Gifted Young Children. Barely Educational will offer Worrying , Over-Analysis and Parenting your Gifted Child.

On July 21st Teaching my Baby to Read will feature Welcome to CruisingDancing with Dragons will write about Teaching the Visual Spatial Learner: When Your Child Thinks in Pictures.


I’ll be taking a vacation from blogging new posts this week, with the exception of my post on July 18th. Thank you to everyone who has made this blog tour happen; readers included!

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