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A Pitiful Day

I think maybe I should reread my post about Intensity. My husband thinks I should write a post titled “If it wasn’t this, it would just be something else….”

Anyhow, yesterday Whole Foods had a Pacific Northwest Cherry sale where they were selling a case of cherries for $32 which works out to $1.99 a pound. I bought two cases and the kids and I processed 32 pounds of cherries.

Luckily, we have a cherry pitter. But even still, we 16 bags of cherries to deal with.

Next month as part of my A STEM Summer plans, we are going to spend a day learning about engineering, manufacturing, and the assembly line process. So yesterday while we were all covered in cherry juice, I started pre-teaching those concepts. Jenna(3) took the stems off. I was the washer. Bruce(7) was the pitter. We talked about how boring it was to stay at that one post, but yet how efficient it was too. Bruce started to develop a cherry callous on one hand from punching out pits! We were all thankful that it was a typical July day in Western Washington (62 degrees), instead of my great-grandma’s farmhouse kitchen in Kansas (101 degrees).

The kids stuck it out with me through 8 quarts of canned cherries in apple juice and then they got to watch Phineas and Ferb while I got the water bath canner going. After the first box of cherries I ran out of quart jars and had to start making jam. Then I ran out of jam jars, and had to start freezing cherries. We now have about fifteen pounds of cherries in our freezer and all of us feel a bit ill.

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