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A STEM Summer Week #1

Some of my regular readers might be wondering  “Whatever happened with Jenny’s A STEM Summer plans?” Well the thing is, Bruce doesn’t get out of school until tomorrow, June 25th, because we had so many make-up snow days. Don’t feel too badly for his class though, because this past week they have gone swimming, to the Woodland Park Zoo, cleaned out their desks, and had an all-school movie day.

I’m going to roll-out our own fun starting the first week of July. Here are my plans for Week 1 of A STEM Summer:

Weekly Theme: Oceans

Monday/ART: Mix it Up, pp. 6-7 in I Can Paint! by Irene Luxbacher

Tuesday/SCIENCE: Desalination Experiment

Wednesday/TECHNOLOGY: Visit the Ballard Locks and learn how to use the GPS to get there.

Thursday/ENGINEERING: Build a toy sailboat

Friday/MATH: Fun with the Math Balance (Jenna), Hands on Equations(Bruce)

Materials Needed:

Art: blue, red and yellow paint, art paper

Science: iodized salt, bottled water, Saran wrap

Engineering: nails, wooden dowel, tools, a bit of cloth and string, glue, and a wooden boat hull that looks like this:

Special Notes:

Okay, I’m really lame because I have no idea how you are supposed to acquire a wooden boat hull like that if you don’t happen to be married to a wood carver (I’m not).

Bruce(7) did this activity last week at Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island, and it was really fun. I took pictures and can describe how to do the whole project except for finding the boat hull itself. I bet some of my readers have some fabulous ideas on how to solve that problem, but of course, the comments aren’t working on my blog at the moment. Argh!

* Update: I just heard from Blog.com and found out how to (hopefully) fix the comments problem.  So fingers crossed, things are working again!

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